Hi!  You, yes you!  The one mouthing Moi? as you gingerly point to yourself, fingers straying from your laptop.  You’re in a hotel room, on clean sheets, too clean by half, or in the study when you should be asleep.  You’re reading this on the train, on your commute home, still damp from the gym.  You’re looking, you don’t know what exactly for: but you’ve found it.

We both know what we need, and we know it’s out there: the real deal, the heat, the ignition, that blooming gasoline feeling that occurs when two strangers confound the standard model and have an authentic, passionate experience.  We both want to turn to each other afterwards and raise our eyebrows a little and smile.  

It all comes down to chemistry.  I know I love to give, that I am happiest when I’m enjoying the sensuality of a shared pleasure: intellectual or physical.  I also love to learn, and I love listening deeply and connecting whole-heartedly.  It’s the best foreplay: but it’s also maybe the best policy?

You can tell a lot about me from this site, I have some, ahem, partially clothed photos, but I also have all these words.  I’m a slight tomboy, a reader, and a gentle iconoclast.

I like red wine or a craft cocktail, and I think flirting over a drink with a new friend is one of the most delicious things in the world.  I like to discuss literature. I think action movies can be genius. I speak fluent sarcasm, and semi-fluent nerd.  I’m not for everyone, of course.  But if I’m for you, we might really have some fun together.

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